HostDare Premium OpenVZ vps servers provide instant scalability on enterprise-class servers that are powered by the latest Intel hardware.We also include full access to our Server Control Panel where you can reinstall your operating system, restart your server, and much more! Each SSD VPS includes our advanced features for instant upgrades, DDOS protection, optimized network and 24/7 Support. With limited customers vpses per node, you are guaranteed maximum performance and dedicated resources.
VPS1 1 Core 512MB 30 GB 1000 GB 1 /64 $1.49/mo Order Now
VPS2 1 Core 1024 MB 50 GB 2000 GB 1 /64 $2.99/mo Order Now
VPS3 2 Cores 2048 MB 80 GB 3000 GB 1 /64 $5.99/mo Order Now
VPS4 2 Cores 3072 MB 110 GB 4000 GB 1 /64 $8.99/mo Order Now
VPS5 3 Cores 4096 MB 140 GB 5000 GB 1 /64 $10.99/mo Order Now
VPS6 3 Cores 8192 MB 240 GB 6000 GB 1 /64 $21.99/mo Order Now
Weekly Backups. * Discounted annual pricing! Intel e3 cpu -Processor Base Frequency varying from 3.2 GHz to 3.5 GHz.Guaranteed low customers density per node !!

Our Openvz premium vps Features
Instant Deployment

Our every SSD servers are deployed in under one minute! Order and install your applications now.

DDoS Mitigation

Your SSD Server will be protected by our best-in-class Denial of Service Mitigation system (upto 3gbps).

Operating System Choices

Choose from over 10 operating systems: CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, SUSE and Scientific Linux.

Full root access

You can use full root SSH and SFTP to install programs and fine-tune your system to your liking

Super fast Network

All server nodes comes with 1000 mbps uplink,while individual cloud servers are limited at 300 mbps.

Enterprise-grade hardware

We use powerful Intel Ivy and Sandy Bridge processors on nodes with SuperMicro enterprise grade servers.